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Global mobile advertising agency platform
Intelligent delivery
With efficient and intelligent advertising system, instant response to customer needs, multi-dimensional measure of advertising effectiveness
Precise orientation
Perfect directional technology and data operation ability, comprehensive insight, preferences, and achieve optimal delivery
Massive resources
Has more than 500 mobile advertising platforms worldwide, accurate delivery, effective use of resources
high return
Compared to traditional advertising methods, Xbaos helps companies achieve maximum harvest with relatively little advertising input
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Global mobile advertising agency platform
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Global mobile advertising agency platform

June 2017
Customer volume continued to grow

As of June 2017, the world has more than 200 high-quality customers, and annual growth rate of 60% of the rate of continuous growth

May 2017
Traffic coverage of 70%

Our traffic covers 70% of the world's countries, we are trying to achieve 100% of the global traffic coverage

every year
1 billion new user growth

Each year for customers accumulated to bring customers 1 billion new user growth, the average growth rate of 20%

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Global mobile advertising agency platform
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