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Global mobile advertising agency platform
Every customer is importany to us!

Our Experienced guys at Oscend always giving their best to make the clients happy!!

  • Dedicated orientation: In the targeted orientation of the direction of the increase of the network environment and other targeted for application download directional conditions, to further lock the application audience.
  • Social recommendation: to enhance social attributes, strengthen social associations, promote more friendly.
  • Diversified forms of promotion:in the traditional promotion methods, based on the increased content and soft text marketing, promotion of social networking and other ways,as well as there are variety offlines mode for you to choose.
  • To effect-oriented, we provide advertisers a variety of assessment mode for advertisers to achieve the best promotion performance with lowest cost.
Every customer is importany to us!

We support a variety of advertising methods!!

Xbaos has more than 5,000 unique supply channels, covering more than 100 major countries around the world. We have targeted to provide personalized services for advertisers, according to the advertising characteristics of the development of different ways to promote the efficient use of resources for enterprises to bring more exposure.

  • Display
  • Social media
  • Video
  • Accurate operation
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Remarketing
Every customer is importany to us!

Our Experienced guys at Oscend always giving their best to make the clients happy!!

  • Aggregation services: Xbaos rigorous platform aggregation test standards, strong traffic distribution strategies, professional team and technical support here for you to rest assured.
  • Smart Optimization: With just one click on a bid ad, Xbaos will intelligently match your traffic with the highest quality requests through an RTB real-time bidding with an intelligent optimization algorithm based on over 100 billion mobile request and delivery data analytics to ensure you to get the maximum revenue.
  • Flexible ways to sell: In addition to your mobile platform entrusted to the sale of mobile marketing platform, Xbaos also offers you a wealth of options, you can use "direct investment ads" to promote their own applications, you can also use the "exchange ads" Cross-promotion with tens of thousands of apps on Xbaos platform.
  • Ultimate Realization: Banners, Full / Insert Screen, Open Screen, Native Stream, Video ... An endless stream of mobile advertising offers you the possibility of higher revenue. Xbaos fully supports all of the above forms ,dramatically increasing the fill rate of ads, resulting in higher revenue.
Every customer is importany to us!

Our Experienced guys at Oscend always giving their best to make the clients happy!!

  • The new transaction mode, from the purchase of "media" to the purchase of "audience" change, based on the target audience, targeting the crowd! Mass high-quality media resources to help your business roi multiply! Comprehensively improve advertising efficiency!
  • Internet Big Data: In the context of RTB advertising, we focus on evaluating and weighing media value to drive the "science" operations of RTB ads.
  • The Instant assessment of performance gives you a clear understanding of the absolute advantage that RTB investment showes in advertising sales.
  • Save time and labor costs, improve traffic data security, ensure user experience, improve ad fill rate and traffic realization efficiency.
Intelligent delivery

automated self serving system

Get full control over your campaigns, budget expanses, filteration and campaign tracking.

Precise orientation

Optimal delivery plan

Perfect directional technology and data operation ability.

massive resources

bring more exposure

Has more than 5000 unique global supply channels.

high return

rejecting traditional ad methods

The new advertising approach provides maximum revenue with relatively few advertising inputs.


cheat proof system

A multiple restriction that reduces the likelihood of cheating to the greatest extent.


real time control data

Client background, anytime, anywhere to view their products related information.

We think & deliver

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Global mobile advertising agency platform

Use a variety of ways to collect, continue to accumulate data for users, and effectively integrate a large number of resources, and accurate delivery.

For mobile ads, only accurate delivery can generate value. We have a wide range of channel suppliers from around the world, and we use a variety of promotional methods based on advertising characteristics, whether you are APP promotion business or Sub promotion business, we can provide you with the best quality service.

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Global mobile advertising agency platform